Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 1: Eggs

Week 1 snuck up on me a little bit.  In classic style I tossed together a frittata on Sunday night.  For those of you unfamiliar with them, frittatas are a modified versions of the classic omelet.  They're simple, quick and make a fantastic last minute meal morning or night.

My particular approach was simple, go to the fridge, grab some shredded hashbrowns and eggs (the two components that are always present in a frittata) and then grab whatever leftovers were around.  For Sunday night that was some onions, green peppers, and deli meats left over from the week.  Finally, cheese, because no egg dish is complete without cheese.

The actual construction and cooking of the dish is very simple.  All you need is an oven, an oven safe non stick pan and a stove top.  The hashbrowns get mixed in with any veggies (such as my diced onions and peppers) and go into the pan with some oil, start them just like you would if you were making hashbrowns on their own (including the all important salt, pepper and garlic powder, everything else is optional).  While they get started, the eggs get whisked together with some salt and pepper (an important part of any egg dish).  The egg goes in on top of the potato mixture, with the deli meats (or any other cooked protein) on top.  Coat the whole thing in fresh shredded cheese and toss it into the pre-heated oven.  About 5 minutes after tossing it in you'll see the egg start to set and the cheese melt everywhere, covering it in deliciousness.  That's when its time to flip on the broiler and brown the cheese to finish it.  In the end you'll wind up with something akin to an egg pizza, and its best served as such.  A pizza cutter to break it into slices and then fingers to scarf it down.

Not the most complex way to start things, but for the first week of the year, it was a good way to get things rolling.

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